Homestar is dedicated to providing Thermal Performance Assessment reports (energy ratings) for residential, developments and renovations.

The current star rating required by the Building Code of Australia is 6 Stars.

To produce these reports we use the accredited energy rating software, FirstRate5 or BERS Pro.

These programs take into account the design, orientation, location and materials of construction. By determining the heating and cooling loads of the home, we produce the star rating result.

It is an easy three step process:

  1. Quotation
    Provide a PDF of your plans for us to best determine the work involved and an accurate fee to quote.
  2. Payment
    Once the quote is accepted, an invoice will be issued and payment is due before issuing the energy rating reports.
  3. Electronic delivery of the reports
    The energy rating reports will be emailed which includes a certificate, report and the plans with a stamp of certification.